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Satin Doll Products: How and Why

In the thirty years that I’ve been in this business I’ve learned a lot about women, about lingerie– about what sells and why. For example, while some companies do sell adult novelties (toys) through home parties I chose not to add adult products to my company’s inventory. Why? Because experience taught me that party hostesses might be too embarrassed to invite their mothers or co-workers to a get-together where such products would be presented. Just think of all those potential customers who would be lost. You, too, will quickly learn what articles work best with your own growing business.

When I started this company, I decided I wanted lingerie for every age, every size, with lots of  bright colors and which are suited to every budget.  Eight years ago almost everything was under $40.00 with very little lingerie that was higher priced.  That was then.   Prices have gone up on everything. I’ve worked very hard at keeping the lingerie in the $30.00 price range. Nothing is priced higher than $50.00– except for articles from the  Triple L collection (Linda’s Luxury Lingerie) which features lingerie for women who can afford to spend a bit more or who simply want to pamper themselves.

I Have Chosen the Lingerie:

  • For the 18 year-old who comes to the party who still lives at home and wants something youthful and trendy.
  • For the woman who is married with no children and wants something sexy or perhaps some elegant lounge wear.
  • For the woman who has children and wants something sexy for those special evenings but needs something casual and appropriate for those nights she spends with the kids.
  • For the woman who says, “Who am I going to wear this for…my cat?”  She needs comfortable, attractive  lingerie to wear while curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good book– You don’t need a man to wear beautiful lingerie and to feel good about yourself.
  • For Grandma who says “I’m too old for this.  It ‘s  just for you young girls.”  I am sure that Grandma wears something to bed and that she’ll be able to find something to buy that suits her own age and style.
  • For the woman who wants more expensive lingerie and can afford it.  I have chosen some  beautifully made corsets, for example.  A quality corset is expensive.
  • For the plus size women who can’t seem to find pretty lingerie in larger sizes and who do not want to buy something  that looks “old lady-like.”
  • Last but not least for bachelorette parties and for the new bride.

I have chosen not to sell any plastic products.  I’ll be adding some fun-to-wear underwear and the new hot top-seller trend, shapewear, soon.  I’m also having some night shirts specially designed for those women who only  wear T-shirts to bed!  As Satin Doll Home Lingerie Parties grows I will continue to add unique and exciting lingerie as well as products that go well with lingerie.

Satin Doll is a ”Treat Yourself to Something Special” Company!

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